Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Download Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Do you want to edit and work with your photos captured with popular Android devices, If so, here I introduce you some of my favorite photo editing apps for your Android smartphones. I think They will be the best photo apps you will ever have.

Fx Camera
Fx Camera is one of the best photo editing apps around. This app will let you add around 40 different pictures effects with stable shot, white balance, zoom function and grid effect feature to your photos.

Fx Camera is also listed as one of Top ten hottest andoid apps. Google Play Store rates this app at an average 4.3.

You can download this app from here

Photoshop Express 
This android app is developed by Adobe. Photoshop Express  will let you crop and rotate your pics, you can set  colour contrast of your pics according to your needs.

This app will give you a feel as of your are  using Adobe Photoshop on your PC . You can also share you edited photos on right from you android device.

Download Photoshop Express from Google Play Store

Picsay is one of the most downleded popular photo editing apps. You can download either Picsay free or paid version as well. It is an award winning android application .

Picsay app lets  you easily add funny effects such as stickers, balloons etc.

Picsay's paid version is priced at $3.7 and this app has rating of  4.5 at Google play store.

This amazing app called Pixlromatic is designed by popuplar CAD engineering company Auto Desk Inc. It is very convenient to use app. With the help of Pixlromatic app you can add plenty of effects to your photos. This app was awarded by as a "best photo editing app on Android" in 2011.

This app features random effects that you can add to your photos click of a button. You can also easily add retro effect to your photos to make them appear like vintage images. This app has average rating of 4.7 at Google play store.

Download this app from Google Play Store

Piscart Photostudio
Piscart Photostudio is one of the best and most well-known picture modifying applications available for Android smartphones and devices. It comes with PicsIn network support that helps you easily download and view photos that are available on PicsIn network.

With the help of Piscart Photostudio you can  add lot of effects on your pictures. This app lets you create drawing through the use of touch screen and you can also create collage of different photos.
This app has an average rating 4.5 at Google play store.

Download Piscart Photostudio from Google Play Store


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