Friday, August 17, 2012

Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Followers

A few days ago I met Jimmy William a CEO of top social media company, he was good and fun to have chat with. So  I asked Jimmy how can I increase tons of  twitter followers like he has. Here are some basic concepts that he shared with me.

1. Don't Spam or Sell
This is spot on. Don't sell or spam. Spamming and selling are always real turn off for not only your prospective followers but also the current ones. So be careful when you tweet that your content is not spam, hard sells or snake oil of any kind. You might lose you current followers if you do this.

2. Be a Resource
Social media has become the resource of sharing the information ,news and tips for the people who look for it. So to gain followers, share your favorite news, answers question, advice , quotes, interesting topics that you like with your followers. By doing this you are inviting others to follow you. Your purpose should be to add value and eventually you will grow you twitter followers base.

That's the way Social Media is. Be social. Engage with your twitter followers and people who tweet you and its not spam, but a question, comment ,observation etc. Try to reply and start conversation with them and they are twice as likey  going to follow you sooner or later. It thats easy.

4. Be Active
Don't be lazy. When someone tweets you, say thank you to him or her. Start conversations with those who reply to your tweets, engage with them asking questions, replying answers and appreciating them when they follow you. That way your conversations will become visible to search engines and you increase chances of gaining followers by ten times.

5. Be Personal
Be what you are. This is for anybody whether he/she is a newbie of twitter, or people promoting themselves or even 500 Fortune companies. Try to be as personal and transparent as you can. When you tell your followers that what are you listening, eating or doing, they will feel closer and special to you.  This way you are building credibility and people will like to follow those who are credible persons and listen to them.


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