Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 5 Countries With Most Medals in London Olympics 2012

Here I list  top 5 nations that have won the most medals in London Olympics 2012.

1. United States of America
What can I say about this great country America, I think this is only country that wants to dominate this world in almost every field. Whether its sports, defense, science, technology or education America tops in every field. Here I just tell you about how many medals she has won.

America has won 104 medals in all.
Gold medals: 46
Silver medals:29
Bronze medals: 29

2. China.
China came second in winning most medals which means, China is giving high priority to its sports and athletes. Now it is confirmed China is a big force in sports to be reckoned with after America. Slowly but gradually it will outplay the USA.

China has won medals totaling 88.

Gold medals: 38
Silver medals:27
Bronze medals: 23

3. Great Britain and N. Ireland
Like its name, Great Britain has also great people to meet and places to visit. But here  I only tell you about how many medals Great Britain has won.  I would have been more happy if they had come first in London Olympic Games.

65 Medals won by Great Britain and N.Ireland

Gold medals: 29
Silver medals:17
Bronze medals: 19

4. Russian Federation
This country has a lot of potential to become the world's number one in Olympics. We will see Russia how it will perform in the next Olympics

Total number of Medals won by Russian Federation are 82
Gold medals: 24
Silver medals:26
Bronze medals: 32

5. Korea
At 5th number comes Korea, I don't know if it is South or North Korea. It does not matter.

Korea won 28 medals in all.

Gold medals: 13
Silver medals:8
Bronze medals: 7

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