Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 5 Summer Olympic Sports

Here are the top 5 Summer Olympic Sports.
1. Women's Gymnastics

Winner: Gabby Douglas won the Gold medal . She represented USA.
Runner up: Viktoria Komova from Russia won Silver medal.
Bronze: Aliya Mustafina won Bronze medal. She hails from Russia

2. Girls Volleyball

Winner: Women team from Brazil won the Gold Medals.
Runner up: Team USA won the Silver medals.
Bronze: Japan won the Bronze medals in Women Volleyball.

3. Men's Hockey

Winner: Germany won the Gold medal.
Runner up: Silver medal won by Netherlands Team
Bronze: Australia won Bronze.

4. Men's Basketball

Winner: United States is the winner of Gold Medal in Basketball.
Runner up: Spain winner of Silver medal.
Bronze: Russia won the Bronze medal.

5. Men's 100M Race

Winner: Usain Bolt of Jamaica won the Gold medal.
Runner up: Yohan Blak from Jamaica won the Silver.
Bronze: Justin Gatlin of USA won the Bronze.


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