Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top 5 Funny Ways People Become Millionaire

I am not going to tell that how someone may become millionaire , I am just going to tell you 5 funny ways most people may become millionaire. funny hahha.. What are you funny ways to become millionaire, share with and do comment.

1. Help a person and you become a millionaire. 
While driving to restaurant , you see a vehicle has just encountered an accident alongside a road. You stop to help this man , you find out that this man you just help is no one but Donald Trump. (True Story. Donald Trump claimed in an episode of "The Apprentice" that he paid off the mortgage of a man who helped him alongside the road.)

2.You discover a meteorite and you become a millionaire.
You could be sitting at home, watching your favorite sitcom on TV, when all of a sudden you hear something smashing through the window of your  bedroom. You jump up from the sofa and find out that a meteorite has struck your house into your bedroom. A meteorite expert arrives and announces that this fallen object is, one of its kind, a rare variety worth may be a million dollars. (Meteorites can be one of most precious minerals on earth. The incidents related to meteorites falling into houses are very unsual, they have occurred many times.

3. You recieve a government letter out of the blue and you become a millionaire.
You may receive a letter in the your mailbox from an official government agency , informing you that you are the legal owner of a million dollar property ( Certainly, there are fraudelent schemes of this type out there, but do you know there are unclaimed property funds in excess of $32.8 billion being safeguarded by government agencies, according to Is this some of  yours?)

4. You discover a painting at garage sale and you become 
While driving around  a neighborhood, you stop at  a yard sale to buy something and find out about an old painting that turns out to be worth of million dollars. You discover that this painting is from one of the masters. ( This happens frequently than you think!. Did you see a woman on "60 Minutes" episode, who found a Jackson Pollock painting having value of worth $50 million?)

5. You take a picture with and alien and you become a millionaire.
In the middle of the night , someone knocks at your door and you discover that this someone is a bulbuous headed alien from  far away planet Zifiron on your doorstep. He tries to explain in his language that his water-vapor powered space ship has run out of fuel, could you spare some 25 barrels of water so he can continue his journey to his way? You agree, however you insist he pose for a photo with you in exchange of water fuel. Next day that National Enquirer offers you $1 million for exlusive right to the picture. (National Enquirer pays huge amounts of money for exclusive photos all the time.)


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