Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 5 most Amazing pieces of countryside in the U.K

There are many thing in the world for us to see and get fascinated by them. One of the places is  a countryside. A walk through countryside area gives us comfort and a sense of peace.
Here is the list for Top 5 most beautiful pieces of countryside in the U.K

1, High Vinnalls, Mortimer Forest, Shropshire/Herefordshire
Mortimer Forest is an amazing remnant of the ancient Saxon hunting forests of Mocktree, Deerfold and Bringewood.

2. Martinsell Hill, Wiltshire

Martinsell Hill is one of amazing gifts of nature.

3.Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve, West Sussex

Beautiful landscape of Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve

4.Blackdown Hill, West Sussex

Newly cleared woodland at Blackdown, West Sussex, England

5. Leith Hill, Surrey

Amazing sight of Leith Hill, Surrey

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