Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 5 National Forests in Arizona for Summer Camping

For some camping can be an exhilarating experience while for others, it can be a challenging experience.

Are you travelling to Arizona for camping this summer? If so, I am going to tell you where to book campsites at one of America's National Forests. There are several camping locations in and around Arizona. But following are one of my favorites.

Apache-Sitgraves National Forest
The Apache-Sitgraves National Forest encompasses 2.78 million acres of spectacular mountatain country in east central Arizona. It is located near Springerville. Comprising of five major camping areas. Some of the campsites are convenient for equestrians and RV campers.There are adequate opportunities for fishing, enjoying water sports like boating, biking, horseback riding and climbing. Hikers that enjoy volcanic scenery may want to consider taking the Ice Cave Trail because it features a lava tube. Other hiking tracks and trails to consider are the Hangman and the Telephone Ridge. The Hangman Trail has hundred of years old cemetery.

Kaibab National Forest
The Kaibab National Forest is 1.6 million acre forest located near Williams. It consists of three main camping areas. The numerous activities offered include horseback riding, mountain biking , boating, target shooting and hiking. My suggestion to the hikers is that they strongly consider exploring the Keyhole Sink Trail because it has got some awesome petroglyphs. Mountain bikers will certainly want to make time for the Tusayan Bike Trails.

Prescott National Forest
The Prescott National Forest is a 1.25 million acre forest located in Prescott. There are two major camping area in the forest. All in all , these areas feature camp sites suitable for equestrians , OHV riders and RV's. OHV riders will surely admire the Alto Pit and Hayfield Draw areas. There are several miles of OHV trails to discover between the two areas. The Alto Pit consists of numerous overnight camp sites. Cabin rentals and scattered camping are also available within the limits of the forest. Other adventurous activities for offer are rafting, target shooting , rock climbing , hiking and hang gliding.

Coconino National Forest
The Coconino National Forest is 1.856 million acre forest, located in northern Arizona near Flagstaff.. It is considered one of the most diverse National Forests of America The forest has three major camping areas and each one has its special attributes. The Red Rock Ranger District is one of my favorites because of the amazing scenery and the archaeological sites. According to me, the Palatki, Honanki and V-Bar-V Heritage Sites are surely a must see for visitors. The forest offers other superlative opportunities such as hiking, caving, horseback riding, rock climbing and fishing are also on offer.

Coronado National Forest
The Coronado National Forest covers an area of about 1.78 million acres and it is located in Tucson. There are five main camping areas in this forest. Cabin rentals are also available. Personally, I'd recommend the Santa Catalina Recreation Area and the Douglas Recreation Area . In my opinion, the Douglas Recreation Area's scenic feature is Cave Creek Canyon. Mt. Lemmon is one of the best attributes of Santa Catalina. Other activities offered are as mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, horrseback riding and OHV riding.


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