Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Top 5 Fastest Football Players of 2011-2012

Everyone has their favorite players of football but here i list those players I think  are the fastest football players of 2011-2012 If you have opinion on this please comment.

1. Theo Walcott
Theo James Walcott is england's football player born on 16th March 1989 in Stanmore,London. He has been groomed at Southampton F.C. Walcott is a striker. He plays for the England national Team and Arsenal.

2.Cristiano Ronalo
Cristiano Ronalo is a Portuguese  footballer who currently plays for Real Madrid. He has also played for Manchester United . He plays as a striker or winger for Real Madrid and is the captain of his national team. He was born on 5 February 1987 in Funchal, Madeira Portugal.

3.Marvel Wynne
Marvel Wynne is a soccer player from America born May 8, 1986 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniya. At this point , He plays for Colorado Rapids club based in Denver. Wynne is  among the top fastest footballers of the world. His playing position is defender.

4. Aaron Lennon
Aaron Justin Lennon is an english football player  playing as right winger. He plays for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League and also England's national team. He was born on 16 April 1987 in Chapeltown, Leeds. Lennon played for Leeds United in his youth.

5. Gabriel Agbonlahor
English footballer Gabrial Agbonlahor born in 13 October 1986 in Birmingham. Currently , Agbonlahor plays as striker for Aston Villa and is also the interim captain of this team. He is the product of Aston Villa Academy. He earned caps for England's national team for three times.


Heidi Szczepanski said...

Great players. Thanks for posting.

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Cris Mic said...

These all are great players. Theo Walcott, Cristiano Ronalo, Lawrence Taylor are my best nfl players of all time. They are my inspiration and I really wish I can be like them but truth is far away from reality.

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