Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top 5 Ways To Become Millionaire

Well , I am not a millionaire but I do know what steps are involved to become a millionaire. If you put your a lot of effort in these tip, you may come closer to become a millionaire.

1.Earn Income.This may sound easy but it requires a little bit of planning and effort. Whether you work for a company or own a business, you should plan to earn as much income as from those jobs. For example, if you work for a company, establish a side business related to your job. Having multiple income stream is what required to become a rich person.

2.Live within your means.Since you are earning some money now , next step is to spend as much little money as you can. Don't show off the people that you are a rich man by buying luxury things. This is counterproductive. Don't much over spend your money. Use you your money in a smart way.

3. Save money.By saving money I mean that you open saving account in a reputable bank and keep your money there. It is a safe way stash your money in a bank account. don't keep it in your house, it might get stolen. You would then use that money for emergency expense.

4. Invest wisely.You have a lot options to invest money wisely . For exmaple you can buy shares of Intel, buy a house anything you can think of. Read this article for more information.

5. Stick to your plan.Starting from the first to this last , you should follow this plan to make sure you become a millionaire so you can be proud of your self.

Once again

1. Make money
2. Don’t spend all of your money
3. Save some money
4. Invest that money
5. Repeat the steps all over again

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