Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top 5 Tips for Getting Top Rankings in Google

Getting to the top ranking in google search engine has become one of the talked about subject in the world Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many things you can do to get free and unique traffic from Google. Follow these 5 tips and your website will rank higher in Google search engine results.

1. Submit your website or blog to the major search engines.Submitting your blog or website to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can be an effective step to bring your website to the higher ranking of Google. When you submit you website to the major search engines, your web pages are crawled regularly. That way you build credibilty for your website. And credible website are loved by Google search engine.

2. Post on a regular basis and create good content that Google loves.You would say how can Google love content? I tell you , if you create unique content and post requlary on your blog or website, Google will immediately crawl this unique content and your new content will be indexed sooner rather than latter. Don't put duplicate content on your website as this will hurt your search engine rankings.

3. Read Google's Webmaster Guidelines.Webmaster Guidelines is one of the beneficial stop for webmaster who want their websites to do good on Google search engine. If you follow their guideline, this will help Google find , index and rank your site in a better way they understand. Google recommend that you follow them and eventually your website or blog will get higher page ranking. There are Design and Content guidelines, Technical guideline and Quality guidelines to follow.

4. Use description and metadata for your website or blog.Use description for your website to be easily searchable for major search engine for relevant keywords. Description is the goal of a website or blog that it want to achieve . Most search engines find website by searching for keywords that describe a website. They are called meta tags. So use meta tags where necessary.

5. Build links with other webmasters.If you want to rank higher in Google , then what you have to do is build links with relevant blogs and sites. One way is to comment on the blogs related to your site or blog. Don't spam as this can be very counterproductive for your site and you will be penalized for that by Google and they may drop your site ranking from search engine.


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